I was born in Switzerland in 1981. I was raised in Italy but spent most of my Summer holidays at my grandparents’ house in Switzerland. I remember climbing into the attic with my sister and playing there with everything we could find: vintage dresses, costume jewellery, fashion magazines and old notebooks where we scribbled endlessly with Caran D’Ache pencils. Also I made dresses for one of my grandmother’s tiny porcelain dolls. I studied painting at the Academy of Art in Verona. My mind at that time was full of ideas about creatures like rabbits, swans, reindeers, wolves and unicorns and I started sewing  with my mother Sylviane as a hobby and collecting textiles, vintage fabrics, buttons and ribbons. I have subsequently created handcrafted dolls for exhibitions and illustrations, some of them being displayed at the Dodo’s Jewellery launch in 2015. I also have started working with Marco Somà, an Italian artist and illustrator, making soft sculptures based on his book characters. I have exhibited my works at numerous exhibitions in Verona, Mondovì, Bologna, Geneva, Paris and San Petersburg, as well as at the Ratatà llustration Festival in Macerata. My creatures are made from recycled materials, as I believe that every single vintage and antique scrap of fabric tells a story and adds charm to my work.

I often take commissions so if you have a special idea just email me!


Me and my mum Sylviane, working together as a team to create this small world